How To Apply Your Decal

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Step by Step Instructions

How To Instructional Video

Sometimes it’s just easier to watch someone else do it first.  I really hope this video takes all the guess work out of it for you.

How To Instructions With Photo’s

What you will need

  • Your lovely new Cheeky Monkeys Decal.
  • Your “Item” (eg bottle or lunch box …etc).
  • A Credit card or a similar card.
  • Supplied Decal Application Instructions Card.
  • Supplied Alcohol Wipe.
Step 1
  • Take your Decal and place it image side down onto the table.  Using your credit card, slowly run/scrape it over the backing paper to make sure the Decal sticks to the clear transfer tape.
Step 2  
  • Keeping your Decal image side down … Slowly peel away the white backing paper from the transfer tape.   Your Decal should stick to the transfer tape.  If for some reason parts of the Decal do not stick to the transfer tape – then please redo Step 1 again.  Sometimes you may need to scrape and peel as you go, to make sure the whole Decal sticks.
Step 3
  • Now taking your “Item” clean down the area with the alcohol wipe (provided). Please wait for the surface to be completely dry, as the Decal will not stick correctly. Only move to step 4 once your item is dry.
Step 4
  • Take your Decal and slowly position it onto your “Item”.
Step 5
  • Using a credit card and/or fingers slowly, but firmly, smooth out your decal making sure of a strong bond
Step 6
  • Once you are happy that you have a strong bond slowly peel away the transfer tape – checking the Decal as you go. Smooth with your fingers where needed.
Step 7
  • Please leave your Decal to cure for 48 hours before hand washing your “Item”. Do not ever put your Decal into the Dishwasher or Microwave.

Wahoo… it’s now time to sit back and admire your lovely new decal

Thank you for your order