Beach is good for the soul

The Beach is good for the soul

The beach is so good for the soul!

Sometimes all you need is the beach and great company – oh and coffee ;-).  This morning I went for a walk with my cousin, baby and dog, what great therapy it was.   My cousin is my rock, she’s such an amazing person and I always walk away feeling like my tank is full.  I hope I offer that for her also.

I’m very extremely lucky to live close to the beach so I try to make the most of this in our backyard.

Benefits that I love

  • Great for mental health
  • Amazing Excercise
  • Distressing and helps with mindfulness
  • Vitamin D !!
  • Can go with or without company

Let’s talk Mindfulness

I’m guilty of it … not slowly down, trying to do a million things at once and not stopping and smelling the roses.  Have you ever done something, a job, and thought …. oh did I do that already? We are so busy and distracted at times that we do things on auto pilot ….. even more so when we are sleep deprived

I’m trying to work on my mindfulness – stopping and actually concentrating on the task at hand.  Or stopping and listening to my daughter tell me about that story from school, or my son showing me his picture he’s so super proud of.   Being in the moment …. as these moments as so fleeting.

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